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Rembetiko, traditional Greek folk music, classic Ottoman or Turkish folk music, music of the Roma, the Sephardi Jews, sounds of the Arab world, the Caucasus and the Balkans – all that is reflected in the music of Loxandra Ensemble. Formed in 1997, the eight-member band from Thessaloniki traces the spirit of centuries past, masterfully bringing it to our times.
The band takes its name from the main character of the eponymous novel published in 1962 by Greek writer Maria Iordanidou. The novel takes place in historic Byzantine Constantinople and the main character “Loxandra” is symbolic of the many cultural similarities between the Greeks and the Turks – music especially, of course!

The ensemble has already made a name for itself with two internationally acclaimed albums. Their debut album "Shedon Opos Palia..." came out in 2006. Their second album "Meyhane - Kafe Aman", released in 2011, entered the European World Music Chart at #8 in September 2012, and reached #41 on the European Annual World Music Chart.
Loxandra’s third album "In Transition" now marks a creative transition for the band. With new members and some of their own compositions being featured for the first time, the ensemble delivers its most compelling work to date. Where tradition meets contemporary, old meets new, East meets West... Loxandra Ensemble has arrived and yet their journey has just begun - In Transition.



Nikos Angousis - Clarinet
Foibos Apostolidis - Percussion
Giorgos Michailidis - Violin
Ria Ellinidou - Vocals
Thanasis Koulentianos - Kanun
Loukas Metaxas – Bass / Vocals
Dimitris Panagoulias – Percussion
Kyriakos Tapakis - Oud




A 4 stars review of Loxandra Ensemble album 'In Transition' on Dalit-Music, in Songlines #141, October 2018.
A quote: 'In Transition' is a life-affirming and deeply satisfying recording that anyone with an interest in the eastern Mediterranean will enjoy greatly."
“Influences from elsewhere are imported freely, in order to be artificially interwoven into their own structures.” Ton Maas in
“This is undoubtedly the best thing you can hear these days from the wide area of the Mediterranean!” Dani Heyvaert in
"The Greek band delivers a superb mix of traditional Greek music, Turkish influences, Gypsy swing, Sephardic, salsa, Middle Eastern and Balkan sounds." Angel Romero in World Music



A selection of international reviews on In Transition: October 2018 (#141)

Interview with Loukas Metaxas:










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